Sunday, December 26, 2010

Less is More…

Randy & I love celebrating Christmas! 

Every year we always put our Christmas tree in the front window with many…many ornaments, every room in our home has some sort of Christmas inspiration and Randy has taken on decorating the front yard.   Last year we decorated every tree in our front yard – there were at least  10,000+ lights last year.  It takes us over a week to put everything out.  The gift giving ritual has become a sport.  Randy and I always go over a Christmas budget and buy so much that we are digging out of debt for months after the holiday.  We search high and low for the perfect gift for each other and for our family…then when it’s over it’s like someone let the air out of our balloon.

This year was different.

Since my due date is so soon after Christmas I only dragged a few decorations out of the attic.  No big tree or massive outdoor light show this year.  Randy and I tried to simplify.  We got with our extended family and set a “cap” for gifts.  Randy and I decided not to go over the top for John…he seriously has so much stuff…and we agreed not to get each other presents this year.  At the last minute Randy said he had to get me one little present – he could not let Christmas pass without getting me a little something.

We spent Christmas Eve with my folks.  My Mom made a massive & I must say AWESOME meal that I am still craving.  Santa had already stopped by their house for John…so after the meal John got all sorts of Thomas the Train accessories and a Thomas the Train suitcase on wheels.  John stayed there and played while Randy & I went home to prepare for Santa.  Randy insisted on putting up his little 3 foot LED Christmas tree and we decided on 3 gifts to give John.  It’s a long story but my sister-in-law told me that she liked the idea of only giving 3 gifts to children since that’s how many gifts Jesus got.  Randy & I loved that idea!  Once again – simplify!

Once John came home from MaMa’s house he was one tired little boy….he didn't even notice the Christmas tree!  Santa showed up shortly after John went to bed and I looked at what he had left.  To be honest my heart sank - it was not what I was use to seeing.  I am use to seeing a sea presents…gifts….and many colorful bags & packages.  This year was a pathetic little tree with a few gifts…nothing grand.  I figured this was going to be Christmas this year…it was be part of the “shaking” Randy & I are going through.  It is what it is.

On Christmas morning John woke up at 7:15 but he did not realize what day it was.  Randy was already in the den where the tree was and John joined him…it was still dark.  I had Randy & John cover their heads with a blanket and turned on the Christmas tree and the overhead light.  I sat down beside them on the couch and told them to look at what Santa brought!

Instead of immediately ripping through the Christmas gifts our precious 3 year old boy gazed in wide-eyed wonder at what Santa had left.  He sat on Randy’s lap at least 4 to 5 minutes before he moved or said a word…and then still wide-eyed & still as can be he said "PERFECT"!  It was another few minutes before he adventured closer to the tree….he sat on top of his Thomas Table before touching anything and once again said “Mommy it’s perfect!”

It was the best Christmas for Mommy & Daddy.


Randy bought me a sweet beaded bracelet and I made him a coupon book – which he loved!

I will remember this Christmas…it has been one of the best…it’s so true that less is more.

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Linda said...

I loved it too and I agree simple is better. I would have done better if my calendars would have been available sooner. I already have a plan for next year. I loved "our" Christmas at Christi's. Love you all.