Thursday, November 11, 2010

Update on John

John will have his stitches removed on Friday.  The scratches and stitches look so much better than I was anticipating a week ago.

At school today John was the typical boy and wanted to show off his battle scar.  All the kids wanted to touch it and John told them that his Mommy did it to him?!?!  Oh that boy!! 

Here's some before and after pictures.



Linda said...

Looks great. You mean old (are you his grandma by the way) woman. Beating up on that precious boy. Really I'm glad it is healing so nicely.

Tina said...

THAT made me laugh - I needed that!

Darla said...

I'm so glad to hear that he is healing nicely with no complications. When I think what could have happened it makes me shudder.

Even though Daisy, Laurie and Pete's dog, seems gentle and sweet, I am always worried about her being around the girls. She is pit bull, and is so strong and big that she can actually knock me over if she wants to. She is not agressive, but doesn't realize how strong and big she is when jumping up on someone for love.
I have heard horror stories about a dog turning on its owners or their children. Especially pits.
And even though Sara and Sophie are not mean children, they are children. If Daisy got mad about something they do to her (pulling on tail, hugging too tightly around the neck, etc.) she could turn vicious and there would be a tragic situation. I don't completely trust dogs like Daisy. We had a dog for years that I was always afraid of. She didn't like kids either. When Laurie was little she snapped at her, and from then on I never trusted her completely. I always kept her away from all kids who were in our home.

I'm so thankful that John's face is looking so good and that he didn't have to have plastic surgery.