Monday, November 29, 2010

Priceless Gift!

Have you ever received a "priceless" gift??

This past holiday weekend my sister-in-law Gloria surprised my family with a gift......Christmas Stockings. 

These are not just any Christmas Stockings...these are hand sewn, detailed, beautiful Christmas Stockings.  IMG_7116Each Stocking is "spot-on" perfect reflecting our personalities.

John has the train - perfect of course!!IMG_7120My stocking is Santa, a snowman and a hare riding a know how I love hares.  And it is snowing!!IMG_7121And Randy's stocking is Santa with a bag of gifts.  Randy is Santa now and usually wraps his gifts in big bags!IMG_7122

I have never liked our usual & plain Christmas Stockings and John's Stocking was pretty pathetic.  I was in Hobby Lobby last week looking at Christmas Stockings and was intent on buying John a new Stocking but none of the Stockings were special or cute

Gloria's gift was a wonderful surprised!

Randy was sentimental about the Stockings...his Aunt made his childhood Christmas Stocking and now John's Aunt has made him his.  I love them not only because they are unique & beautiful but I know how much time and effort went into making each of these Christmas Stockings.  John loves his Stocking and tries to wear it!

THANK YOU GLORIA!   This is something that you absolutely can't put a price tag on!  They are priceless to my family.

Another thing that made me smile.  When we sat down to watch the football games on Thanksgiving I noticed (after a few hours) that Gloria was knitting something.  It finally dawned on me it was PINK...and I asked her "what was she making?"  And she said..."I'll give you one guess!" 

I love you Gloria.  Thanks for making my Thanksgiving so special!


Linda said...

I love the stockings and you are right, they are beautiful. Kevin and I use two that mom made a long time ago. They are not fancy but we like them.

Tina said...

I would still use them too...your Mom MADE them!! She took the time to make them...and that's whats important. She could have bought stockings from a store but they would not MEAN the same. It is like all the stuff you have MADE my books & coffee mug - I am too scared they will get ruined or broke...and those are treasures that are PRICELESS!

Laura Fiskin said...

They really are beautiful Tina!