Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It Finally Happened

and there was much rejoicing!

John found a new Thomas the Train item he wanted today but I told him he could not have it until he went to the bathroom like a big boy.  We are still trying....TA-76529I was talking on the phone this evening to Christi and I told her  "I guess John will be wearing diapers when he goes to college."  John overheard this conversation and said "NO!  He wanted his Thomas Track now!"  Then John stormed out of the room...about five minutes later I heard John yell for me to come "right now!"

There he was in front of the commode...so proud of his accomplishment.  And yes...I did take a picture...I have waited many months for this moment.  There was a big celebration and many "high fives"!  It was a joyous moment!!wowAfter the picture John quickly spoke up and said "let's go to Toys R Us and get my train!"   Randy and I explained that he had to go three times in a row...so he immediately jumped back on the commode to try again.  Thirty minutes later we "re-explained" that it's three days in a row.

So tomorrow is a new day.


Laura Fiskin said...

YEAH JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you. I hope you LOVE LOVE your new track. Will you show it to Braxton and Cayden when we come see you? (see Tina, I told you when HE feels like it he will do it)

Linda said...

Yeah! Don't be disappointed if there is a little regression. That is very normal as they try to learn to read the body signals. So proud of that boy.

Janine Deckard said...

Ditto what Leelee said. Plus when the baby comes, jealousy might bring some more regression. But if he helps and sees that he's the big guy and she's the little girl, it might make it even easier! I pray so. Boys need lots of patience, but once he gets it! Hallelujah! Just the other day, Zee told me he never wore diapers. :-)
Love you! Hug the little man for me!