Monday, October 4, 2010

Random Acts of John Randall

You told me it would happen...I believed you to a point.  I just didn't know that he would remember everything I said.  It's like I have a tiny recording device following me around.  Now...I have started watching what I say and my actions are starting to speak louder than words!!

John walked in the bathroom while I was pottying and asked me "are you taken business?"  I said "excuse me"?  And he said "are you taken business?"  I had no clue what he was talking about.  Later that day I asked Randy if he knew what John was talking about and Randy started laughing.  When Randy is in the bathroom and doesn't need a 3 year old in the same room he tells him "to leave...he is taking care of some business"!

Out of no where John came to me and said "Mom...MaMa & PaPa needs pizza, and root-beer, and cookies, and some new toys!"  I called my Mom and let John tell her what they needed as they were going to the grocery store the next day.

For some reason John likes to take off all of his clothes and be naked - all the the time.  (I guess it is the age...Randy & I are both very modest)  The other night he was running around like crazy....jumping on the chairs, doing hand stands in the middle of the room....just being a little dingo!  I looked at him with a straight face and said "who are you?" Without missing a beat he said "John Randy Hare"

The other day I was blow drying my hair and John requested I blow dry his feet?!?!?  I did and he said..."ahh warm and toasty".  I started crying.  I remember Randy telling me when he was younger he liked to warm his feet with a hair dryer.  Not sure how John knew to do this....Randy said he had never showed him.  And for those who know know how Randy always strokes his chin when making a decision...John now does that!

My Mom called and asked me to come and fix the TV she said that Dad had messed up the TV.  I told John to put some shoes on we had to fix the TV that PaPa  messed up.  As soon as we walked in the door John told MaMa "we were there to fix the TV PaPa messed up"!  Then John took inventory of the items he had requested...and of course they had been purchased including a Mr. Potato Head.  As we were leaving their house I asked John if MaMa & PaPa were his best friends and he said in the sweetest little tone "yeah" and then he said "they sure love me bunches!"

It is still 2 boys.  Since the begin of this pregnancy you could ask John if he wants a boy or girl and his response is "2 boys".  Even after we found out it's a girl..."no's 2 boys".  Wouldn't that be something!

I don't know where he learned the word "tasty" but that is the word of the month!  It started out  just "tasty"....but it has transformed into this deep voice saying "tazzzz....ty".  Cracks me & Randy up!!!

I got in the attic to get Halloween decorations on Sunday and found a box marked "Tina's Crap".  By this time John was in the attic with me so I opened the box.  There on top was a doll just about his size.  He squealed with delight.  And said "Mommy can I have her?"  I said "sure...why not".  The first thing after getting her out of the attic was to change her diaper.  He was sure it would be dirty.  He then enlisted his Daddy's help changing the was sweet.  She doesn't keep her shoes on so he brought his favorite pair of socks and told me to put them on her..."her feets are cold".  At dinner he tried to feed her and give her his milk.  After dinner she got into trouble and he yelled at her then put her in time-out. (At that point I felt like a heel....I wonder if I look that bad when I yell and put him in time-out?  I must try to be better at that.)  Then he gave her one of his blankets and put her to bed.  I don't have a problem with him playing with a doll...he is only copying his Daddy....and his Daddy is very loving and caring.  Plus he is getting excited about the 2 boys coming and helping out!

Two different Mother's at two different times asked me during home school on Thursday if I was aware that John knew how to count & knew the numbers.

John gets on his cell phone and yells "Lexie come back....come back Lexie"!!!  (Lexie is his cousin)  If he is not talking to Lexie he is calling Braxton....our friend in North Dakota.  He will call both Lexie & Braxton during the day and I tell him they are in school...and he says nooooo.  Then I tell him that I am going to call their Mothers and they are going to get into trouble....he hangs up the phone immediately.

We are reviewing Randy Hare, Tina Hare and such.  He asked me what is "Braxton's last name" and I said "Fiskin" and then he said what about "Cayden" and I said "Fiskin"...and he said "Laura"?  Then I asked him..."if Laura is Cayden's & Braxton's Mommy what would her last name be?"  an he said "Fiskin"!   YEA!!!

I just don't want to forget the little things....

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