Sunday, October 17, 2010


Most of those close to Randy knows he has a thing with the numbers 7 and 11.  It is really sort of spooky when things happen pertaining to the numbers 7 and 11 in regards to Randy's life.

Randy believes the 7-11 started before the  death of  his Mother...which was on 7/11...but he started realizing more things with the numbers 7 & 11 after her death.

He has moved into houses with the address being 7 & 11.  There have been many events, days, prices, quotes, and even the happiness in his years seem to run in patterns of 7 & 11.  Anytime something happens and the numbers 7 or 11 appear we pay close attention.

When Randy and I started working together professionally our relationship grew more personal and I gave him my home phone number.  I was living in Odessa with my parents...when I gave him my number.  Randy said he had no intentions of ever calling me until he looked at my phone number as he was throwing it away.  My phone number was 915-550-1177.  He started calling me cause he knew the Lord was up to something.  Two months later I moved to Amarillo, 8 months after that we were engaged, five months later married and here we are 11 years married.

Which leads me to these unplanned events:

John was born in 2007 = 7

Our baby girl is scheduled to be born in 2011 = 11

Funny huh?? 

Then I got to thinking John was born in our 7th year.

Our baby Girl will be born in our 11th year. 

The 7-11 saga continues.....


Darla said...

I have had a "thing" with the number 11 for a long time. I started noticing it about 10 or 11 years ago actually. The first thing that I noticed was that almost every time I would look at a clock it had a least one 1 in the time, but typically an 11. I also have totals when paying come to either $11, $101, $111, or something and 11 cents change.

Our house number is 3611. And if you add up the numbers - 3 plus 6 plus 1 plus 1, it comes to 11.

My birthday is 11-11-1954. I was born at 11 something at night I think I remember my Mother saying.

There are lots of things, but I can't think of them all right now.

Once when Blake was about 5 or 6 and Hester was living here in Lubbock I was on my way to her house to stay with the boys about 5 in the morning. I don't remember where she had to go, or why I needed to be there so early. But on the way I had on the radio. There was some crazy program on that was talking about UFOs and nutty things. I was thinking, "What kind of weirdos listen to this stuff!" Then the man started talking about people seeing 11s and 1s everywhere they look. I freaked out!

I don't remember everything he said, and I got to Hester's apartment after only a short time of listening. But the one thing he did say that I have not forgotten is that people who see this are people who are moving towards enlightenment.

I would assume he was talking about some kind of UFO or weird thing like that. But I took it to mean something else.

So, to this day, when I see "my numbers" I look at it as a tiny little reminder just for me. A reminder from G-d, that He is with me, and that I should pay attention to Him and never forget He is available for me to approach. I think of those numbers as a form of enlightenment. When I work at staying close to G-d all the time (not only when I see the numbers 1 or 11) I become mor enligtened through G-d's word and His strength.

I wonder if other people I know have some number of reminder? I had no idea Randy had a connection with certain numbers. Perhaps it's not so unusual as I have always thought.

(The number 7 is the number of commandments that G-d gave to all mankind. People are often familiar with the 10 commandments, not realizing they are actually for Jews. But the 7 universal commandments are for all people.)

Darla said...
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Darla said...
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