Friday, August 6, 2010

17 weeks....

This weekend we will be 17 weeks pregnant.  We...being me,and you!  Since you are following me and helping me along this journey you are apart of being pregnant without the issues!  In 3 more weeks we will be 20 weeks which means we are half-way there!  Is it going fast for you?  It seems to be zipping by for me!

Issues...there are a few issues but nothing too serious and nothing that is not common in pregnancy.                                                          Gestational Diabetes    No...I don't have it but I have to be really careful since my weight and age are both elevated...and it is very common in pregnancy.  I have to check my blood sugar everyday and chart it for my OB/GYN hasn't mentioned it but my Endo is all over it...which I am thankful for.  My OB/GYN will test for it in the next month or so but for now  I am monitoring it and changing my diet so maybe it will not be an issue.  It doesn't hurt pricking your fingertip everyday but I hate doing it but then I think of my friend's 5 year son who has juvenile diabetes and he has to do it several times a one time a day is not so bad.

Blood Pressure    I am blessed that even before I was pregnant I didn't have blood pressure issues and my BP seems to be doing least better than the BP in the Gulf - ha..ha..ha!  Strangely enough my BP  has been lower than normal.  Once again my Endo has me checking and charting everyday....since my weight and age can be a factor.

Anemia  I went to my Hematologist last week and he was very concerned because my red blood cells had decreased in size drastically since our last visit 4 weeks ago.  His exact words were "it's like something is sucking your red blood cells away from you!"  He wanted to do a iron infusion immediately since I am anemic...I asked if it was okay for the baby...and you should have seen the look on his face!!  He slapped his knee and said "oh....I forgot you are pregnant!!"  So we could not do an infusion and there is nothing they can do since the only way my body will absorb iron is through an infusion.  The doctor still wants to see me once a month and said he will most likely give me an infusion while I am in the hospital after the birth. 

Edema  My ankles have started to swell when I stand too long.  It is not bad but I hate to walk when they are swollen because I can literally feel the water swishing.  Ugh I hate it...but it doesn't happen everyday and I have some great support socks.

On to some HAPPY news.  I had a "flutter" for the first time the other night while sitting on the couch with Randy and John.  It's funny because I didn't think anything of it and then I was like...wait I think that was the baby...then I sat still for 15 minutes wanting it to happen again...but it didn't.

That's the latest - nothing else new here!!  Thanks for your cards, calls, e-mails and prayers.  Besides my blog I have been journaling everyday to the baby and I have been telling him...or her of all the love and support we have received.  Thank you!!

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