Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pot Roast to Housewife

Growing up one of my most favorite meals my Mom would make wasimg_8157-2 her pot roast.  It didn't matter if it was a yankee pot roast  or open roast beef sandwiches - I loved her roast.  For years I tried to create her roast and could not get it right.  She always cooked her roast in a huge dutch oven type thingy in the oven.  It was always tender and moist!!  Mine was always dry and over-cooked.  I forgot who told me...but someone told me to try a crock-pot instead of the oven.  After a few experiments with seasoning and different ingredients I mastered the pot roast several years ago.  It is of John's and Randy's favorite meals!

Yesterday I cooked a huge roast and took some to Mom & Dad.  Mom and I do that whenever we cook to much - we share!  It is the best...she lives one mile from me so we are able to just "run" food back and forth.  Dad calls it "meals on wheels"...ha..ha...ha!  Anyway....I was talking to Mom later and asked her if she liked the pot roast.  (My Mom is the best cook - seriously.  She can whip up a masterpiece with a can of corn, some milk and 3 day leftovers.  She is like my ultimate judge.  If she says it's good....then it has to be good.)  My Mom said ..."that was the best pot tasted like my Mom's pot roast."  WHAT?!?!?   It was one of the BEST compliments I have ever been given.  Thanks Mom.

I have worked since I was sixteen.  I can count all of my jobs on one hand.  I was an office manager for an oilfield company about five years, I worked for a major telecom company 9 years, and I was a development director for a few years.  4462998476_ea82b13d4fI enjoyed all of these different positions...along with the money, the insurance, the stocks, the travel, and the positive feedback that I was doing my job well.  However...nothing can compare or even come close to the job I have now.  It is the hardest job I have ever had...but the most rewarding. someone pointed out to me the other day....I am just a housewife but I love it.  I get great fulfillment and joy caring for my family.  I can say that all of my dreams have come true.  I can't imagine doing anything else.


Linda said...

You are right to say it is one of the hardest jobs there is and the pay isn't much either. The benifits rock though . . . as many hugs and kisses as you can stand.

De said...

That sounds familiar. Mom & I do the same thing. We also call it the same thing. Mom also says she gets our dog food, because before I decided I should share with them, I would feed our left overs to our dogs. I'm glad we can share.