Thursday, June 17, 2010

Here I Am!!!

What a crazy few weeks! 

We have had at least five birthdays & anniversaries within the past two weeks, I have taken Dad to the doctor a couple of times, my best friend from North Dakota is is town, I have been to the doctor, my computer is completely dead, Randy’s vehicle has been in the shop, Randy turned a year older, and John is leaving the terrible twos with a bang!!!

Even though things have been crazier than normal we have had some really fun times.  We spent all day Tuesday with our friends from North Dakota – Chick-Fil-A, miniature golf, and a full night at Wonderland!  On Wednesday John and I got to babysit my great nephew Remington for a few hours.  He is 9 months old and a very sweet, cute, and activity baby.  John was so excited and wanted to help with everything.John Summer2010 058He had to teach Remington all about trains.John Summer2010 056John Summer2010 057When it was bottle time John was eager to help.John Summer2010 049John Summer2010 052John really enjoyed spending time with his cousin.John Summer2010 044John Summer2010 045Changing the subjects to toes…I had to do a quick little touch up on mine tonight.   John was very interested  - mistake!!  He had to have his toes polished!  I decided to only polish the “Mommy Toe”.  What is the Mommy Toe??  One of John’s big toes looks exactly like Randy’s big toe and the other big toe looks like mine.  It is very strange.  I wanted to take a picture of Randy’s toes but he was NOT about to let that happen.  so here is the Daddy Toe…John Summer2010 069And here is the Mommy toe.John Summer2010 068John seemed okay and good with only one toe being polished.  The other eight toes are “John’s Toes”.  He will be glad to tell you all about it!  It is really cute…I love it!  I thought Randy would have a fit…you know…me polishing John’s toe but Randy laughed and said “well…it is the Mommy Toe”!  

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Linda said...

The Randy toe looks like the Jake toe too, or maybe the Jake toe looks like the Randy toe too. Now that's a tongue twister. But not a Kevin toe.