Friday, May 14, 2010


I have let my hair grow long for sometime – and I like it long.  My face is big and short hair just seems to accent the “bigness”.  Plus…the natural curl takes over and becomes impossible to actually style it. The longer my hair gets the more the curl and bounce disappears.

My hair is changing…it seems to be falling out more, thinner, and the ends are in horrible shape!  My hair dresser even made some comments the past few visits about it being really dry and thin.  Thanks to major thyroid issues I have had hare hair issues for sometime.  I find myself putting my hair in a clip most of the time or wearing a baseball cap.  I usually don't wear it long because it is hot and messy.  My hair is just unorganized.

So today…I had my girl at the beauty shop cut it. It is not short-short but it hasn’t been this short in a while. 

My hair is happy today – seriously. I don’t know that I am “that” happy – but my hair is happy.

The curl has come back….with a vengeance!!IMG_6342

IMG_6344IMG_6345IMG_6346IMG_6348So my Irish heritage is coming out - my Mother's parents both had curly hair and hazel eyes.    If you can imagine I had straight as a board hair until I started puberty and then the curl came - the same thing happened to my nephew Ryan.

I am embracing the curls today! 


Linda said...

Love it! I've always had straight as a board hair. We always want what we don't have, huh?

Melissa said...

Look at those marvelous curls!!!! Love it!!! Oddly enough, with the birth of each child my hair LOST its curl. I now have sort of a wave that is completely unmanageable. That's why I have to straighten it. I miss my curly sue days! :D