Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thunder Rolls

Here it comes....that time of year. 

Living in Tornado Alley has taking some getting use to.  We had a few funnel clouds when I lived in Odessa but nothing like this place.  I sort of freak out each time I hear the tornado sirens go off and I enjoy watching the local weathermen get really excited.

We had a close one tonight...they spotted a tornado about 15-20 miles from my house - click here.   It makes me laugh because most of my neighbors will go outside and try to see the funnel cloud ...which I find myself with them - if it's not raining.

John has started to notice the rain/lighting/and thunder...or "funder" as he calls it.  I am trying to make it a fun game when it storms - I don't want him to have fear over the storms.  Anytime we hear it funder we run laughing through the house and say "GG is showing off" - GG is God.

We have a tornado plan if one comes close and we have had a practice drill.  The dogs are going in the center closet and me & the boys will be in my closet.  It is suppose to be an active night Thursday - hopefully nothing to active!

Speaking of storms...one of my favorite memories is  me & my Daddy  sitting on the front porch of our house in Odessa and watch the storms roll in.  It was so awesome to hear the thunder roll and get closer. 


Linda said...

We were a little irritated the weatherman kept pre-empting Biggest Loser until I saw the video of the tornado and I realized how seriou it really was. You never know though because the weather guys do get quite excited. What worries me though is that last nights storm was not even predicted. Go figure!

Laurie said...

Just thought I'd tell you hear in case you don't check your facebook that the girls and I are coming up for the weekend.