Saturday, January 23, 2010

How'd that Taste?

When Randy told me that he was buying John an iPod Touch for Christmas I was NOT thrilled!! 

Hello...he is 2 for crying out loud!!  What 2 year old has his OWN iPod...this is totally ridiculous! 

Plus...I don't have an IPod!  I have an old antiquated MP3 player that is huge, heavy, and...and...and it is NOT fancy!

Here's the deal.  John fell deeply in love with Randy's iPhone .  He figured out how to operate by himself when he was about 21 months old.  He loves looking at the pictures and videos that we take of him.

So...Randy bought him the  iPod.IMG_5571


As I went looking for him this morning I could not find him.IMG_5648Then I noticed a little head sticking out of John's hamper.        There he is....playing with his iPod.IMG_5649IMG_5650

Now I need to publicly apologize to Randy for giving him such a hard time about this! - this iPod is it is a life-saver when we are in public and need to entertain him.   Plus Randy's phone will not be destroyed by a toddler!

Thank you Randy - you were rrr....rrr...rrrrr....right.

My only issue now...I am scared we are raising a narcissist!


Laura Fiskin said...

I need something to entertain me when we are in public too...where's my IPOD Randy?....he is too cute in that hamper.

Darla said...

I'm just too old for this young generation of techies. Oy! Things have changed since I was a two year old. I don't even think we had a phone in the house until I was about 4 or 5. He looks extremely happy. I would say that he will have problems finding a wife that will put up with his video game/ipod/electronics addiction, but, hey, Sophie has it too, and she is younger than John. I suppose the kids in that generation won't even have to use their voices to talk to each other. They can simply text their love and devotion in between games and other stuff.