Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wanna Make God Laugh....

I have been planning for this one day for months. The perfect gifts, great food, decorations just It was going to be the perfect Norman Rockwell moment. My little family gathered around the tree...sipping hot chocolate, Bing Crosby singing in the back ground, no yelling, opening the perfect gifts. lots of thank you's & this is the best Christmas ever...there would be no threats of beating bums... just picture perfect. Awww...let me bask in the moment. Awwww....just like in the magazines and on television.

WhOa...back to reality! Does anyone really have these types of moments? I think my friend was right when she said the media & the world tries to put these ideas...that are impossible in our head!

Two days before Christmas John got sick....I mean really sick. We took him to his doctor and two hours later he was diagnosed with Type-B flu and pneumonia. Which family time...tons of medicine...and around the clock breathing treatments every three hours. We had to bring him back the next day (Christmas Eve) to be re-checked to make sure he did not have to be put in the hospital. (I was VERY aggressive in John's treatment...every 2.8 hours he was getting a breathing treatment and I had the medicine on a strict schedule that I wrote down...planned...and followed!) The next morning Dr. Young was very impressed - John was much better - the doctor said I was a good Momma that I did exactly what he instructed! Unfortunately while I had John at his follow-up appointment Randy was at his doctor...he got the flu. Everything was put on hold. Which was a huge bummer for everyone.

My favorite thing this Christmas was John got better...and he didn't have to go to the hospital!

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Linda said...

I'm so sorry you had a bum of a Christmas, but we can celebrate later this week when everyone is feeling better. It is even supposed to snow Tuesday. We missed you at the Hare Family gathering. Just wasn't the same without you all. Glad to hear John is better and hoping Randy will be better soon.