Thursday, December 17, 2009

Living on Love


1 Boy + 1 Girl

1I would like to talk to these two young people in these pictures...when they were this age.  Could they have imagined in a few years they would marry each other?  They knew each other...but I am sure at this age they couldn't imagine marrying each other...much less having three kids together...or living in Texas.

Here they are...54 years later.DSCN0254Dad - thanks for asking Mom that night to marry you.  Mom - thanks for taking that chance and marrying that "Light" boy. 

I now know that marriage is hard...I now know that taking care of children is a full-time job...and I now know that getting up every morning at 5am and going to work everyday is mundane - but you both did it - and made it look easy.

Thank you for making it work.  Thank you for giving all you had and all you got.  Thank you for giving to us...your sons & daughter everything...before you gave yourself anything.  You are the example. You make me proud.  I am honored to be your Tina.

Happy 54th Anniversary!

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