Friday, November 6, 2009

F.F.F. - November 6, 2009

I am thankful for my dogs.

Dogs….silly little creatures. How can these little fur balls get into our hearts like they do? I have always loved dogs but it really changed when Randy bought me KiKi in January 2003. KiKi is a great…loyal dog. Randy laughs and say KiKi loves me…and tolerates everyone else. kiki3IMG_0461Soo105-0502_IMGn after we got KiKi we went on the hunt for KiKi a dog. We searched high and low with no luck of finding the perfect pooch! To make a long story short we ended up getting a double dapple dachshund by accident…sort of. Doxy immediately became Randy’s baby. He even had a ridiculous pouch that he wore on his chest to carry Doxy around in!! It was so funny seeing this huge…masculine man wearing a little dog!!!103-0385_IMGLast but not least…we have another dog…he is s uppose to be a miniature black & tan dachshund. Like me…he is “fluffy”…which makes him not so mini…I keep threatening to take him to WW with me!! We sort of inherited this sweet puppy – another long story. His original name was Gunther but when we got him we started calling him several names…for a while he went by Devil Dog, then it was Poppers, and finally the name that has sort of stuck is Dopey. Randy started calling him Dopey…cause he…looked Dopey and acted Dopey!! He has short front legs and long back legs…and he was not the brightest bulb in the pack!! He is so cute…and he likes me best! ha…ha… I have become really attached to him and would cry if his original owner wanted him back! Poppers (he will come to any of the above names) has become the “go between” with KiKi and Doxy. KiKi and Doxy use to be best buds but when Poppers came along…he and Doxy hooked up. They share the same bed and play together. Poppers really likes KiKi too…he is just fun and wants everyone to just get along!! I know…I am insane…these are dogs!!! Poppers will be 4 tomorrow! Yes…I am one of those types that celebrates my puppies birthday!!IMG_0056IMG_0011a IMG_0084 I am going to end this with a sad story. My friends Dollie & Mike lost one of their most beloved dogs this week. Sweet Button who was only 8 years old apparently had a tumor/cancer and died on Tuesday. This was a shock because they didn’t even know she was sick. Button was as loyal and faithful as a dog could be. She went everywhere with Mike & Dollie and stood by their side when it seemed like the world was falling apart. She is deeply missed.

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Linda said...

You know we are right there with you in loving our dogs as if they were human. Great post.