Thursday, October 29, 2009


There’s not much I like about Halloween anymore.  As a child I loved Halloween because…like most children…I enjoyed dressing up…going door to door…the innocent decorations.    Now a days Halloween has become Horrorween.  There are not so many cute pumpkins and Casper's.  Some of the stuff out there…even in my neighborhood is down right scary!

I havspongebobe always enjoyed dressing up for Halloween.  That’s about all I like about this day…I don’t even like to think of it as a holiday.  For years before John came along I would dress up like SpongeBob, pass out SpongeBob candy & home made popcorn balls.   I even went as far as to have a bubble maker & the SpongeBob theme music playing when the tricker-treaters would ring my bell.  The kids always had a good laugh when they would see me – that’s what it was all about – why I would make a fool of myself!!  To this day I will have the same kids come by and ask about SpongeBob…and the popcorn balls!

Now it is my turn to have fun with John…before he gets a chance to decide what he wants to be!!

His first Halloween he was two months old and I dressed him as a Tootsie Roll….and passed out Tootsie Rolls!  tootsite

Last year he was a Hare…most appropriately…and I passed out candy in the shape of a carrot. ( Great picture-thanks LeeLee!) smiling john2

This year John is Hitman Hare!  I found some candy called “sour punch” – it looks like someone is getting punch in the face on the package!  Everyone thinks Randy picked this costume but actually I picked it out.  Randy and I both love boxing and watch it almost every Saturday night.  I am going to dress up as the ring girl and Randy is going as Michael Buffer.  Should be fun!IMG_4812

Hope you have a great Friday….and Happy Halloween!

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Linda said...

Great post! I love it and want to take pictures of this year too.