Friday, September 4, 2009


Have you ever had a prayer that you thought would never be answered but through faith…you would continually prayed a certain prayer…night after night and day after day…with no results?  Randy and I had a prayer like this…for years.

One day…God answered our prayers.  Here is a great picture of our aCIMG0254nswered prayer…her name is Gloria.  Gloria is a precious gift from God to our family...she is my sister-in-law.  Randy and I asked the Lord to bring a special companion to my brother Allen.  We wanted someone sweet, loving, kind, thoughtful, a helpmate, and someone to bring joy to his life.  We asked specifically for a Christian woman with outstanding morals & values.  The Lord answered…and He answered big.  Gloria is all the above…and then some!  She has been one…if not the best thing that has ever happened to my brother.  When you see them together it is like they have been together – forever.  I am so thankful that my brother has someone that respects and honors him.

What I didn’t pray for was a great sister-in-law.  I was too busy praying for the big details that I forget about the small ones.  The Lord was thinking of even the smIMG_3186all details…& didn’t miss a thing – Gloria is a wonderful sister-in-law.   Gloria an d I have become very good friends…she is a great encourager and spiritual mentor to me. She is a lot of fun to be around& fun to laugh with!  She  also has an amazing talent for creating things…like a stick horse for John that he loves…& plays with everyday – this is no ordinary horse – very detailed & sooo cute!  She has made me, Mom & John our own soft & beautiful throws…and she made John an awesome quilt that goes perfect in his cowboy room. 

All this is leading to wishing my sister a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Saturday!  Thanks for being you.  I am…We are blessed to have you in our family!  Much love!!  xxooxxooxxoo

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