Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Week!

Well…I didn’t do as well as I wanted to at WW this week.  I only lost 0.2 pounds this week.  I am pretty sure I know where I went wrong… I snuck in a couple of bites from John’s plate (mac & cheese and mashed potatoes), I had ONE  roll with some of my Mom’s fabulous gravy on Sunday, and eating on the go is never healthy.  Randy said he thinks I am gaining muscle…my workouts have  increased to an hour a day – I am doing cardio and weights.  I am not disappointed…okay maybe a little disappointed but at least it is NOT a gain…and today and this week is a new week!

I did have some discouraging support from one of my doctors this week. (I will share and vent with you…so that you can put your hands on your hips…and huff…and puff with me!)  My appointment was on Monday and I told him about my weight loss and exercise routine which….by the way - I am up to a mile and a half everyday.  Anywho…this doctor (which I normally adore) tells me…”you are a perfect candidate for lap-band surgery!”  I was totally shocked!  I thought he would encourage me and tell me to keep doing what I was doing!  Instead….he totally “shot me down”!  He didn’t stop there….he continued by telling me…“you will lose up to 150 pounds within two months after the surgery”…and…AND…”you will NOT lose over 50 pounds with WW”

I was so shocked but I did tell him that I would LOVE  to have that surgery…a quick fix to my problem however I would gain all the weight back.  It is not only about losing weight for me but it a lifestyle change for me….and my family.

UGH!!  So I decided instead of getting angry with him I turned it around for motivation!  I immediately made me a sign for my workout room with this doctor’s quotes and some not so flattering pictures of me.  I am determined to lose this weight so that when I do go back to see him next year I can prove to him that I CAN do this without surgery!!  Plus…I will thank him for his words and motivation!!!  Hee…Hee…do you see my evil plan….


Laura Fiskin said...

Doctors don't always listen and they don't know everything! Don't let him second guess yourself. You can do anything you set your mind to and he will see that for himself.

Melissa said...

Hi5 sister!!! I can't wait to see you prove him wrong!