Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I am...Iron Woman

I have been anemic most my life but recent health issues have caused me to become even more anemic. It is impossible for me to take iron supplements - they make me very ill plus my body does not store the iron. Same thing with iron rich cells do not store the iron.
My primary doctor and my endrocologist agreed that it was time to send me to a hematologist.
My first visit with Dr. Lim (the hematologist) was four weeks ago. He agreed with the other doctors - something had to be done about my lack of iron. He asked me to try the iron supplements one more time...I did and they were just as awful as I remembered.
My follow-up appointment was yesterday and my iron levels were lower than the first appointment. We had discussed iron infusion in the prior visit and he told me yesterday that I really didn't have a choice.
So yesterday was my first of four iron infusions. {An iron infusion is a slow drip I.V. of iron - which looks like coffee and it takes about an hour & a half.} I have to go every Tuesday for the next month to have this procedure done. It is painless...okay...the needles and the I.V. are not painless...but if it makes me feel better than I can tolerate some pain! The main side effect is being tired & achey the next day...which I am today but for the past few months I usually wake up that way anyway! The doctor told me after the third treatment I should start feeling much better. I hope this restores my energy...or at least give me some energy. It seems like I go to bed tired...and wake up tired! (BTW - iron deficiency is VERY common with people that have hypothyroidism. Plus people that take thyroid medicine and iron should know to NEVER take the two medicines together. Iron will basically cancel thyroid medicine if take together to closely!)

Changing Dad is doing somewhat better...his blood pressure and diabetes are under control but he is exhausted. We have an appointment later this month with the doctors in Albuquerque. My Mom is doing really good - she is like a little energizer bunny! John and I try to visit them fact that is where we are going now!

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