Friday, May 1, 2009

Sad Time

This has been a pretty sad week for me….
It started with the loss of my dear friend - Richard Appling.
He died early Sunday morning at the age of 65.
I have been friends with Richard and his wife Nancy for many years – they have been crucial in my walk with the Lord. Richard and Nancy helped me get through some tough times with unconditional love & wonderful support.
One of the things I loved most about Richard (aka – Dado) was his love for children…& his love for my John. Richard loved missionary work especially with children and he was looking forward to going back to China this summer to volunteer in an orphanage. Richard and I also shared the love of Elvis Presley – we got a kick out of listening to Elvis together.
I have found peace this week by knowing where Dado is…and what an amazing week he has had. Dado has walked hand and hand with our Lord Jesus Christ in the most amazing place. He would not want us to grieve – he is rejoicing.
He is not in any pain or suffering anymore – he is new again! Praise the Lord!
Richard was a devoted husband, father of three children, and Dado to three grandchildren – which were the love of his life.
So…today I will not say “good-bye” to a friend…instead I will say “see you later”!

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Darla said...

I am sorry for your sadness.