Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Family Fhoto

Happy Mother's Day Gurdy.
This picture of my beautiful Mom was taken when she was 18. My Mom was one of nine children raised in the hills of West Virginia. Growing up I always liked to hear her stories of her was like a storybook - there was a cold river, plenty of wild blackberries, running barefoot with friends, gardens with fresh vegetables, and many adventures with her brothers & sisters. To be honest...I still love to sit and hear the stories.
I have a wonderful loving Mother that has given her life to her children. She is very proud, independent...and very funny! As I look back over my life most of my funny moments have been with my the time we took off together on cross-country vacation without enough clothes, or the time the seat belt got stuck & we pee'ed our pants cause we were laughing so hard, or who would forget the time we almost went to jail for Elvis. My Mom is my best friend...she knows me better than anyone else - and still loves me. I have been blessed to have her as my Mother...she went without to make sure all of her children had the best.
This song playing is the song of my Mom's life...and I cry every time I hear right now.
Happy Mother's Day Mom - thank you for taking care of me...loving me...helping me...making me laugh...buying me new clothes...getting me me your car...buying me a new car...for all the new formal dresses...for all the meals you fixed...clothes you's you kissed...and understanding me when no one else did/or does. Thanks for loving John, putting up with me when I am rude, giving me your love for country music, making me a pineapple upside down cake when I had a really bad day, giving me your last five dollars, making sure I got a Cabbage Patch Doll when everyone else did, buying me Bamboo when I was scared, and last but not least...thank you for for not abandoning me when I sold you out to the postal federal agents. I love you Gurdy!!

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Linda said...

Very sweet. We are two lucky and very blessed girls for having the mothers we do. Love you.