Friday, April 17, 2009


On Friday MaMa & PaPa & I took John to Lubbock to see Thomas the Train. Randy happened to be in Lubbock for business so he was able to "escape" for an hour to ride the train. The actual ride was about thirty minutes and it was the smoothest ride! (I find it funny that I have never been on a real train before and now that I have John I have been on two within eight months!)
They had Thomas songs and Thomas trivia games on the train. The scenery left alot to be desired but John didn't care...he had his face pressed against the window for most of the ride. Once we finished the ride they several activities and different booths for the children including a gift shop. PaPa bought John a railroad engineer hat -it is too cute and John has worn it non-stop since we got home! They had a face painting booth, a petting zoo, bouncers, storytelling booth, music, balloon animals - it was really family oriented. John seemed to have fun and he enjoyed dancing when he got a chance. I will post more pictures soon.

I am off to bed now! I am excited cause Randy and John are going to the gun show early in the morning...which means I can sleep in! We have the circus Saturday night! I am really excited for John to see the animals...and yes - I am going to let him load up on cotton candy, soda pop, popcorn, and plenty of other circus junk!!

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