Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Family Fhoto

Happy Easter…48 years later!

Mom tells the story of Eddie when we see this photo. Eddie is my brother Larry…he is the littlest guy in the photo – he was around 3 when this was taken on Easter 1961. My Mom bought my brothers these matching suits days before Easter and apparently Eddie really liked this suit of clothes. Mom said that Eddie harassed her all day long the day before Easter to put on this suit of clothes. She would not let him put the suit on…she knew he would get it dirty before Easter but he would not stop bothering her. She finally relented and put the suit on him - once he had the suit on he climbed up in the middle of her bed and took a nap…he didn’t get it dirty! I would love to have a picture of him in bed with that suit on!

I like this picture because it shows the beauty of my Mother. My Mother has always taken great pride in the way she dresses. She always looks “polished” when she leaves the house…everything from her hair, to her jewelry, her nails, and even her shoes match…I mean everything – she doesn’t miss a thing! She has always had a cute figure and has never worried about her weight. She can go to a department store…see an outfit…and know that it is going to fit her perfectly without even trying it on. I wish I was more like her in this area of life but most of the time I am slapping on make-up and finding the first thing that fits. I like to think that maybe someday I would have a little Mary-Kate and she would be “polished” like her MaMa Mary.


Linda said...

I love it! Are we crazy or what staying up this late?? You are right about your mom being polished. Mom always looked like that in her photos from that era too.

Melissa said...

I have LOVED the pictures!! Keep them coming! Your mom is great--she always looks good and is as sweet as can be. My dear, don't you see? There is a TON of her in you! :)