Friday, April 3, 2009

Family Friday Fhoto...

I wish I could take credit for this idea but I am stealing it from my sister.
She posts an old family photo every Friday and the story behind the photo.
I love it...and look forward to it! Even though I like to think I know her really good...I always seen to find out something new.
I am going to start my Friday Family Fhotos with my favorite picture.
This photo was taken in the late twenties. The tall man standing is my Grandpa Mom's father. He was born & raised in West Virgina and started working in the coal mines when he was 13 years old for $0.50 a day. He married my Grandma when he was 22 and they had ten children...which produced 28 grandchildren and over 30 great-grandchildren...and tons of great-grandchildren. I was the only grandchild he never got to meet...I was the last grandchild born...and a fun far my John is the last great-grandchild for to this family.
There has been a one son named John in this family in every generation since 1860.
Everyone from family to friends speak highly of my Grandpa. He was never seen without a clean white starched shirt...and Mom says he always had a suit of clothes - which was a big deal back then. My cousin Sandy tells of when he would come to their house...if they were not home...he would sit a dining room chair on top of the table to let them know he had been by.
He worked over 50 years in the coal mine...and he was a devoted husband & father.
He truly believed in family and doing good for the fellow man.
I wish I would have got a chance to meet him...hopefully someday I will.

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Linda said...

Nice post. Isn't it fun thinking about your heritage and why we are like we are. Many generations of hard working, God-fearing people. Loved it.