Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Of all the holidays this is probably one of my favorite…if not my favorite!
I have lots of happy memories & fun times…I know Valentines??


Well…my birthday is the day after so I have two special days in a row!
Randy took me to Applebee’s for dinner tonight…yes Applebee’s. We have become really good friends with the manager & the staff so we always have a great time there…and they have the best steaks! My favorite item currently is the shrimp & spinach salad – it is really good…I highly recommend it.
Tonight is a big night for me & Randy. It is our first night without John. Randy has never been away from him…I was gone one night last year when I went to see Christin. It’s barely 8pm and we have already told each other that we miss him. MaMa & PaPa Light wanted to keep him to give us a special evening…so what am I doing??? Blogging??? Yes…I have a free moment but our evening is not over! After we exchange gifts we are going to go on an “old folks ride” …what is an old folk’s ride you ask??? We get a cherry limeade from Sonic and cruise around the city…hold hands…listen to music…we have done it forever – I stole the idea from Dollie Sue. We use to do it a ton before John…we take him sometimes but I like keeping him on a routine and the best time to take a ride is usually as John is getting ready for bed.
So…John is at party central…it is going to be interesting to see if he misses us. I am sure he is having a blast…it is party central after all. At least I can’t get knocked up tonight. heeheehee

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