Monday, February 9, 2009

Glory to the Lord.

As of today I am six to eight weeks pregnant.

Things were going good until Sunday 01/25/09 and I started spotting - nothing heavy. (I didn’t do anything like this when I carried John) I was sort of freaked out but I have heard of women having periods their entire pregnancy…I called my doctor on Monday 01/26/09 and he wanted to see me immediately. He did a sonogram and said I was having a miscarriage - there was no sack or baby in my uterus. He ordered a blood test to check my HCG level which should have been over 2000. When the test came back on Wednesday 01/28/09 he called me to tell me the test showed on 720 – which was not good. He made me an appointment for Monday 02/02/09. He told me what to expect for a miscarriage, to call him, and we would get through this together. As the week progressed so did the bleeding. By Friday 01/30/09 I had to start using pads and I started passing clots. I was cramping but it was nothing horrible and nothing like labor. This went on all weekend. After crying and praying all day Sunday 02/01/09 I had my mind made up that I had miscarried, it was okay, it could have been worse, I am blessed I have a beautiful healthy son – we will try again in a few months.

When I went to the 02/02/09 appointment I was expecting to hear that I had miscarried. I told the doctor about my weekend and he said that he was 98% sure I had a miscarriage. He checked me out…and apparently I have not had a miscarriage!! My cervix was closed and I had not experienced any horrible cramping, or large clots. He went on to say there is a chance that only a placenta formed and a baby did not form but he does not know for sure...but I would still miscarry that! UGH!!! UGH!!!
The sonogram showed something small at the bottom of my uterus - he is not sure what it was. He said that he could do a D&C that week but he wanted to wait. When he came back in the room after the exam he seemed different…he told me not to get my hopes up...but he had been wrong before...there might be a baby there. He ordered more blood work...if my HCG level was over 2000 on Wednesday...then there is a baby….somewhere. (When you are pregnant the HCG level should double every 72 hours)

So…we wait.

I called on Tuesday 02-03-09 for my test results. The nurse told me the doctor had not reviewed them yet…I told her that was fine I just want to know the number. She told me 1700…which was not good but not bad. She called me back within ten minutes and said the doctor said “NOT to get my HOPES up”. I told her not to worry…my hope is in the Lord not the doctor. The bleeding stopped this day.

So…we wait.

All last week Randy & I went to the healing ministry at church, we went to a church that had a charismatic preacher from Kenya that prayed in the spirit over me, we had friends…to be exact we had 14 people lay hands on me at once, we called different prayer organizations for pray…you name it…we were praying. Randy & I want this…to give glory to the Lord. To prove to so many that God does do miraculous things…nothing is too small or big for Him.
The last two weeks I have had friends tell me just to schedule the D&C…to tell me that I have had a miscarriage….there will be other babies - my faith was tested. I will admit my faith has been tested and I have had moments of weakness but not Randy. He has rebuked every statement against me and the baby – he has been amazing.

So…we wait.

This weekend at church Randy and I went to prophetic ministry to hear what God had to say. The words were really good but as we got up to leave one of the prophets turned to me and said…”Tina, I am not sure what this means…but the Lord is wanting me to tell you back from the brink of death….back from the brink of death. We breathe new life into you…new heavenly life into you.” Well…you can only imagine – I totally flipped out. I had to tell her what I had been going through!! She was just as amazed as I was. When we left church my body was very warm…especially the part where the baby was. And I had a strange peace over me. I knew that whatever was to come on Monday…it was going to be okay…glory to God.

Here we are today.
When the doctor started the sonogram he noticed some movement and could not explain what he was seeing. Then…he said “what is that” (something you really don’t want to hear from your doctor) and he said “well…look’ie there” and there was my baby!! The heartbeat was fluttering away…there was a good sack around him…and everything looked normal. Of course I just started praising the Lord….all glory to Him. All glory to Him!! I was crying…Randy was crying…the nurse was crying…and the doctor was crying. The doctor said the Lord was right when he said “I formed you in a secret place”. It was great! Today has been an amazing day!

Praise the Lord! If you think of us… pray and praise the Lord!

Psalms 139:13-16

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my
mother’s womb.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

My frame was not hidden from you when I was
made in the secret place.

When I was woven together in the depths of the earth,
your eyes saw my unformed body.

All the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be


Linda said...

Amen and amen! Love you guys.

Melissa said...

SOOOOO AWESOME!!!! Glad you finally blogged about it--love you!