Sunday, December 14, 2008


I have never believed in ghosts…now I believe in angels & that sort of thing. But when I would hear stories of houses being haunted by a ghost or a spirit I would just nod my head and think to myself that would be a good story around a campfire…and “that person” is out there!!
Well…I am “that person” now and I see people nodding their head at me when I speak of the ghost/spirit that lives with us.
Randy and I started having or seeing weird little things about nine years ago. For instances….we would be lying in bed and hear the cabinets in our house open and close (you know how you know your house…certain cabinet doors make certain sounds)…or we would be sitting on the couch and see something drift through the hall at the same time…and our cat who would be purring on our lap would stop and look in the same direction. We have had numerous peculiar happenings but I will get straight to the big one.
In 2002 after dealing with our spirit for a number of years she pulled a good one on us. Okay…let me say this…we are pretty sure it is a girl and she is not evil…I know what you are thinking…”Tina has lost it now”…just stay with me here and explain this to me. It was the middle of the night around 2:30-3:00 and Randy woke me up to tell me the radio in my bathroom was on. (My bathroom is down the hall) As I got up…half asleep…I heard it playing “Back in the USSR” by the Beatles. I knew immediately it wasn’t coming from my bathroom because I listen to country or talk radio. As I got to our bedroom door I realized it was coming from our guest bedroom which is next door to our bedroom. I yelled at Randy that it was from the radio in the guest bedroom…ran…jumped back into bed and threw the covers over my head. Randy grabbed his handy 357 and went to investigate. Some how the portable cd player came on. There were no batteries and it was not plugged in but the Beatles cd was the cd in the player and “Back in the USSR” was the first song. That portable player never worked again.
Last night around 1:10 in the morning I was playing on the computer…we went to bed early but the dogs needed to go outside so I put them out for a few minutes…Randy and John were asleep in our bed. As I was typing away…the portable cd player in John’s room starting playing the cd in the player. Once again it was not plugged in and there were no batteries. I turned it off and it did not come back on…once I plugged it in it started working this morning.
Strange huh?


Melissa said...

HOLY CRAP!! SERIOUSLY?!?!?! Makes me wanna go throw the covers over MY head! :) I believe you though--I really do!

Celestial Charms said...

Oh, you did just what I would do. Run under the covers. That was so funny, but it must make you a bit nervous about what will happen next. Are you living in a really old house? I always say to my hubby that we are lucky to be living in a brand new home, or I know I would have visitors of the see-through variety.
Have a Merry Christmas!