Monday, December 22, 2008

Cap'n Crunch for Christmas??

I am apologizing in advance to my family for the gift wrapping on your presents this year. I love to wrap gifts…all perfect…using double-sided tape…folding the edges down so neatly…matching the gift tag to the theme on the wrapping paper…coordinating the gift to wrapping paper or gift sack…oh….gift sacks….I like to use lots of colors…bright colors…ohhhhh….deep sigh!
Things have drastically changed in my life…I now have a fifteen month old boy…and the gifts looked wonderful for the first few days under the tree.
Now…terror has struck my tree and gifts. You can imagine…tissue paper, bows, ribbons, balls, ornaments, & wrapping paper everywhere …I had a fleeting thought…”did I miss Christmas morning??”
So…I apologize for the sloppy gift wrapping, the wrapping paper that looks like it has been wrapped & unwrapped a 100 times, tissue paper that looks like it has been recycled, bows that appear to have gone under a steam roller, ripped packages, and Captain Crunch in odd places.
These pictures are from the original wrapping party a few weeks ago. I have learned you can not leave a 15 month child alone...not even for 10 seconds.


Linda said...

Oh, but the precious memories you will have and great ammunition to use against John when he is dating.

Judy Massey said...

How many memories you bring back!!!!Just wish
the years had not passed so fast. Looove that boy!Judy