Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Sweetet Things...

I have found that the smallest things are sometimes the absolute sweetest!
Like...the past few weeks when John sleeps he will laugh. Not a small chuckle but a loud belly laugh - it is the best...or when he has food in his mouth he does this chuckling under his breath that is so funny! Or maybe it is when he sees Randy - he gets really excited and yells "Daddy". I am not sure how he knows to do this...but he will lay down in the bath and blow bubbles in the water...how does he know how to do that? He loves to wrestle...to be upside down...to act like you are going to do a pile-driver on him...he loves that!!
Yesterday was our first day of Kindermusik for the Fall and apparently John was on the welcoming committee. He had to kiss all the babies on the forehead and give them little pats - it was so precious and all the Mommies had to have hand shakes...John had to greet everyone before class started. What warms my heart about this story is...when I was in Kindergarten my Mom was worried that I would not make friends or I would have a hard time adjusting since I had never been around alot of children. About a week after school started Mom went to visit with my teacher to make sure I was okay. The teacher just laughed and told Mom I was friends with everybody...anytime someone new came to class I was the first to welcome them and made them sit by me. Randy said when he went to school he walked in the class and ran screaming after his Dad the second he left. So...John may look a like Randy, be smart and wise like Randy but I think he may have just a touch of my personality!!

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