Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Linda has me hooked on polling questions so I thought I would ask you one!
What do you think of children (under 2) sleeping with their parents?
The catch word for this is co-sleeping.
John sleeps about 50% in his bed and the other 50% on the couch or in the big bed with us!
When he naps he will sleep in his bed unless we (Randy & I) want to nap then we take him with us. He is a sweet cuddle bug and we both love to sleep with him...he is warm and makes this cutest noises but I am concerned I am starting a bad habit.
At night he will start in his bed about 8pm...he will wake up between 3 & 4am and cry until we go to the big bed. I have tried all the crying out method but we all are just losing sleep at this point! This morning we were up from 3 until 4:15 trying to get him to go back to sleep in his bed...finally I decided to give in.
Like I said...Randy and I enjoy sleeping with John but are we hurting him??

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Leelee said...

Okay, here is my two cents worth, do what makes you all happy so you can get a good nights sleep. I emailed you a couple of websites that talk about re-active cosleeping.