Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Fat Hare

I hate dieting. I hate watching what I eat; counting calories, counting points, looking at the carbs, the fat, the sodium…I hate it.
I hate to exercise…I hate to get hot, sweaty, and that is the only time in my life when time does seem to stand still.
I hate the way I look. I have never weighed this much and looked this bad. The weight is starting to affect my overall health now. The other day it was my knee, then my back, today it is my shoulder, and I am sure my headaches have something to do with my weight.
Thinking about it…does anyone “like” to diet? I don’t think I have met anyone that “likes” to diet. I know people that like to exercise. My neighbor – she has five children under the age of ten – she goes to the gym for two hours everyday – EVERYDAY. So what’s my excuse?? I only have one child under ten and I actually have a gym in my home!!! I have to retract that statement about “hating” to exercise…there was a point that I was “in the zone” and I liked to workout and how it made me feel afterwards. I hate to diet but I like the results after a month if I stick with it.
So the question would be…how do I stick with it and what diet do I do? I know Weight Watchers really works…but ugh…counting points again?? Can I really do it…do I want to do that?? Nutri-System – I would rather be fat than to do that!! Once about fifteen years ago I did Jenny Craig and it seemed to work but I don’t want to waste anymore money in quick fix ideas. Maybe I should start small...start cutting out the really bad stuff. Like Cokes (Mmm…I love Cokes…especially poured over ice in my new fancy glass), no more ice cream…can I cut it off? Maybe you should get with some of my other friends and do one of those interventions on me!! You could say…”Tina – we know about the M&M ice cream that you hide in the freezer in the garage…and the ice cream sandwiches – we have seen you go to the garage to secretly get warm from your cold house and we have seen you secretly inhale these frozen, tasty, dairy products…it is your drug…you must stop or you are going to explode”. Then I would laugh and try to suck you into my frozen dairy heaven…or hell that is...
So…should I start today?? Probably not…well yea…I will start slowly today…I will start with the Cokes and the frozen dairy products – maybe…yea…maybe…yea…


Leelee said...

I'm right there with you girl! We went to the movie and then Kevin wanted to go eat. I at least talked him out of Ruby T. or Wild Wings. We went to Beef O'Brady and I had a great salad. I'm open for options. What can we do????

Melissa said...

Dieting sux huh. I think John is the only one insane enough to "enjoy" dieting, being as he's been on that Atkins Diet since he was 13.
Don't stress over it sister. Seriously. I know that's easier said than done though.
Love you to pieces!!