Thursday, August 21, 2008

Creamer...Swayze...and Somersaults

This morning as I sat to enjoy my coffee…before I go any further I should mention my coffee thing. I have never liked coffee but when I go places I will drink coffee so I can look all “grown up”…ha ha ha!! I am 36 and six foot tall…I don’t know how much more “grown up” I could look at this point – plus the gray in my hair doesn’t help. Back to the coffee thing…I actually like coffee now but I like the fancy coffee and the different types of creamers and lots of creamer – more than coffee.
Anyway…I plopped down on the couch with my creamer…I mean coffee and turned on the TV to catch up on the Olympics (which I have really gotten into but that’s another blog) and “Dirty Dancing” was on. I use to love this movie but now that I am older and I understand it…it is really bad. It is about pre-martial sex, lust, abortions, lies – the biggest lie that sex is love…which is one of greatest misconceptions that young teenage girls buy into…but you know….the scenery is beautiful, I love the music and Patrick Swayze is easy on the eyes. Which brings me to my point of this rambling….I have never watched “Dancing with the Stars” regularly…I would watch it occasionally but I thought this morning that I would REALLY watch it if Patrick Swayze was on it – wouldn’t he be great??? Maybe he will recover from cancer and can do it! Oh…on a different subject why did I teach my son how to turn somersaults???

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Leelee said...

You know I love creamer with a little coffee. I just tried the Italian Creme, but it was too sweet for me. I have just decided to stick with my old stand by, French Vanilla. As for Patrick Swayze, I too thought he was hot, but I liked him better in Ghost. I did know about the movie context because when Kevin brought it down to Littlefield, Momma had a fit and told him, "Don't you EVER bring a movie like that into my house.