Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another "for the record"...

I will set the record straight today.

I love Elvis...I am not a fanatic Elvis fan (like I don't believe he is the King, or he is still alive and hanging at the local Denny's)...but I am a fan. Elvis was the first concert I attended with my folks - it was 1975 - I was three and I remember alot of the concert - it was great! One particular moment I remember was the scarfs around his neck he was throwing to the ladies in the audience and I remember wishing I could get my Mommy one of those!

I have been to Graceland, I almost went to jail with my Mother over Elvis and I always try to have fun on his birthday and death day...which brings us to today! Elvis has been dead 31 years today...I remember being in the truck with my Mom driving down the road when they announced his death. I had a shirt made to wear just for this day (although I did upgrade this year and bought one from the Elvis site), I have my Elvis purse that Melissa made me (thanks Mel - I love it!) and now...I am going to introduce my son to him...John has his own Elvis shirt & bib. At some point today we will eat a peanut butter and banana sandwich - this was Elvis favorite except he fried his sandwiches in butter and sometimes added syrup which is not that good...we have ours unfried and no syrup! My good friends DeeDee & George are in town and have no idea what they are about to experience!! Ha...Ha... So - here's to you Elvis!!!

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