Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Daddy's Day

Happy Father’s Day to three of the most important men in my life!
First…and MOST important…my Father in Heaven! I am thankful everyday that He loves me more than anyone else I know, He takes care of my every need, and He truly has my best interest at heart! He has a plan and purpose for me! He NEVER lets me down, fails me, or goes back on His word! I love Him more and more everyday! Happy Fathers Day – Father!
Second man…my Daddy. He is the best Daddy! Not many people can say this but…I have never seen my Daddy drunk, be mean to my Mother, speak ill of other people, or not do everything in his power to make sure I had the best of everything in my life! Yes…I am a Daddy’s girl…and a Momma’s girl…I have everything I need – I am truly blessed! Last but certainly NOT least…the newest Father in my family…the Father to my son…great applause and standing ovation for my Randy! I have to tell you…I always thought Randy would be a good Daddy…but I never could have imagined he would be the sort of Daddy that he is…he is not a Father…he is a Daddy! John is VERY blessed to have a Daddy that loves him like his Daddy does. It doesn’t matter if he has a muddy diaper or icky-sticky on his hands…Daddy is right there in the middle of it! Speaking of middle…if it is the middle of the night…Daddy is there too! I am so thankful that my Father brought us together…let us fall apart…come back together….and be better than ever! This is my happily ever after! I could not have chosen a better man to be the father…Daddy to my son!

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Melissa said...

Been lovin' reading your posts lately. Sorry I've been out of touch-stomach yucky from h-e-double hockey sticks!! :) Anyway, happy late bday to Randy! Also, that boy of yours--he's getting SO DARN BIG! Hey, like the song on here too....:) Love you!