Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Red Rooster

This past weekend I went to Canadian, Texas with John and my parents for the annual fall festival. We had fun on the drive down - it is always fun to do a road trip with the folks and John slept the entire way. (I should let you know that Randy and I had an argument before I left Amarillo. He wanted to keep John for the day but I wanted to take John! We debated for an hour over why John should stay or go! It is sweet to think that is what we argue about now...we use to argue over petty it is over who gets to hold John, or push John in the stroller, or keep him for the day - it is really precious - thank you Lord!)

Anywho...the leaves unfortunately had not changed in Canadian and it was 95 degrees!

Even though it was not the way we had anticipated it was fun...trying to see me & my parents deal with a two month old baby was entertaining. We kept saying it was the "two senior citizens and the middle aged non-experienced woman with a baby show"!!

Back to the point of my blog...on our way back to Amarillo we stopped in Shamrock, Texas for some little Hare needed his diaper changed and a new bottle. Please understand that when Master Hare is hungry it is a full blown scream to have food and have it now. Then he did a #2 in his diaper...I was out of diaper wipes...the convenience store did not sell I had to make due with paper towels and warm water - thank goodness John did not end up with a diaper rash!! Back to my story...after I got him fed and nerves are on end by this point...did I mention it was 95 degrees and the wind was blowing like 50 mph!! I got John loaded in the truck...turned around and much to my surprise was a red rooster. It really frightened me! He was so close to me! (Another blog...another time...I had roosters growing up and they use to attack me and Christin all the time...I am a little bit scared of a rooster)

I took a picture of this to show Randy. There was a lady from Oklahoma filling up with gas and asked me if that was my rooster. I told her no and she said she thought it was and I was just letting it stretch its legs!!! There it was a rooster at a convenience store and it wasn't under a warming lamp!! I sure hope he is okay...he was heading for I-40 as we drove away!

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The Haskell Family said...

ROFL!!! I loved that story! Thanks for the laugh!